Graphics Card: White Blinking Light After Moving PC

So, you finally got the opportunity to move your PC. After moving your PC, the graphics card has a white light blinking. You try to plug in the monitors to the graphics card but the monitors display “No Signal Found”. You’re thinking, “Man, another headache to deal with! I hope that I won’t have to take the PC apart..arghh.” You frantically search Google, hoping for a quick software solution, but deep down, you know and understand that your going to have to take the PC apart.

You Google “graphics card white light blinking”, “pc graphic card white light blinking”, …, …, “after pc moving graphics card white light blinking” to no avail. But finally, you run into my article.

I ran into this exact same problem. Make sure you choose a good place to do this where there isn’t much static electricity; a place with fuzzy carpeting isn’t a good place to do this.

Here’s what solved my issue:

  1. Power off your comupter
  2. Unplug monitors
  3. Hit “off” switch on PSU and unplug power cable to ensure the PSU doesn’t have any power.
  4. Ground yourself touching case or wearing anti static wrist wrap
  5. Unscrew computer case
  6. Firmly push in all connections to PSU and graphics card ensuring those connections are secure.
  7. Plug back in and see if everything works.
  8. If everything works, voila, you’re done. If not, we’re going to have to do more steps. We only did those initial steps to minimize the probability of accidentally breaking something.
  9. Turn off computer, hit ‘off’ button on PSU, unplug power sources, unplug monitors, and ground yourself again.
  10. Reseat graphics card while making sure the connections are plugged in securely.
  11. Test to see if everything works again. If not, try to reseat the RAM and if that doesn’t work, then your going to have to do some more troubleshooting that falls outside the scope of this article.

Leave a comment below and let me know if that helped you.

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